UV 360 degree sanitiser TARA Robot play an important role in sanitising the area for controlling spread of novel coronavirus pandemic. As there is time for the arrival of a new vaccine, the robot has been developed for the sanitising of the premises.

The salient features of TARA robot include different sensors. In the presence of humans, it would identify the movements of humans and immediately stop the emission of ultraviolet rays with the help of PIR sensor. It also has an anti-collision sensor to prevent the damage in the room. It has a LIDAR sensor for measuring the premises for sterilisation.


Each year thousands of people die and millions people of infected due the infection acquired into the hospitals. Acquired infection into the hospital is significant part and costly.

UV sanitization robot is an alternate method while cleaning using liquid sanitizer of rooms, beds and hospitals. It is fast, efficient and chemical free than cleaning the room using liquid sanitizer with time taken.


UVC sanitization is efficient once than while cleaning using liquid sanitizer. Once liquid sanitizer is used there may be chances of renewed growth of infections but sanitization using UVC light breaks the DNA/RNA of germs/infection therefore the infection get completely deactivated.

Using liquid sanitiser for cloths, document, and electronics items will be deteriorate and rust due to chemical, but while using UVC sanitization will be deteriorate as well as rust free.


Eutronix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was established in March 2018. Eutronix team believed in hard work would make this a reality and wanted to leave a legacy for future generations of professionals. Today Eutronix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a success story built on shared values and ambition.

Early 2018 we were developing of R&D projects of engineering colleges, teaching and taking workshop on robotics. We had worked on more than 200 unique projects ideas.

After March 2018 we are shifted to turnkey product design, Turnkey industrial automation and trading of industrial items. Our company mainly provides the unique solutions for our clients to reduce his wastage, increase his working efficiency of existing machines and man power. We provide the cost cutting solutions along with automated system to be more productive in a same time.

We have expertise R&D team who has different expertise domain in Turnkey product development like brainstorming, simulation, verifying, PCB design, availability of components, testing, analyzing, body designing using 3D printer, Mechanical simulation, fabrication and national/international certification, etc.

Eutronix is also takes outsource works from other company is same domains like PCB design or complete system design. Since March 2018 we had successfully developed some products for our clients.

Our team is always works in timeline bounded because we know the market competition. We always delight our customer to developed product as per market need.

Eutronix has three directors Mr. Ratndeep Kamble, Mr. Pavan Khobragade and Mr. Sameer Ramteke. As a director Mr. Rantdeep Kamble having expertise of mechanical design, product design and quality control of many year. Director Mr. Pavan Khobragade and Mr. Sameer Ramteke as electronic engineers they having experience in embedded system design, IoT (Internet of things), Mechatronics and robotics of many years.



Preventions and reduction of acquired infection inside hospitals and public place to reduce the number of death every year.



Developing innovative technology to become technology Leader Company on this earth.