UV TARA 360 degree robot uses the UVC technology which emits the 254nm wavelength UVC light. The UVC light can kill/deactivate all type of viruses, bacteria’s and germ in DNA/RNA level. The UVC light cut the DNA/RNA level therefore it stop the permanent growth of viruses, bacteria and germs.
Using UVC technology sanitization reduces and deactivates the acquired infections.


UV 360 degree TARA robot can be control either using local WIFI or through Internet using APP. TARA robot can perform operations like straight, back, rotate left, rotate right its own axis and stop as per user define commands.


Camera is installed on UV 360 robot which is gives real time view over APP using while using local Wi-Fi or Internet.


With RP lidar sensor using laser and time of flight technology provides the two dimensional coordinates including degree and distance which can show in graphical format over the APP. Using APP it is allows the client to select the sanitization time. By scrolling the button client select the time as per his/her requirement of sanitization.


UV 360 TARA robot having ultrasonic obstacle sensor which can detect the object are near while moving or sanitizing and send instant command to stop the motor of robot.
PIR base motion detection sensor sense the and turn of the UV light while person entering into the room.